Derby, Edward George Geoffrey Smith Stanley, fourteenth Earl

Derby, Edward George Geoffrey Smith Stanley, fourteenth Earl
   Entered Parliament, 1820; Irish secretary, 1830-1833; colonial secretary, 1833-1834 and 1841-1844. Prime minister, 1852, 1858-1859, and 1866-1868.
   Index: E Induces Elgin to accept governorship of Jamaica, 9; endorses Metcalfe's policy, 37; on an elective Upper House, 121-122. W Receives New Brunswick delegates, 24; on casual and territorial revenue, 25, 27, 29; on King's College Bill, 53, 54; increases New Brunswick Council, 69; cancels Reade's appointment, 80-81; on initiation of money grants, 92; crown lands case, 101. T His government defeated, 63. B Offers governorship to Metcalfe, 18; justifies his policy, 23. BL Restores Hagerman to office, 16; threatens to curtail existing privileges of people of Lower Canada, 21; petition and correspondence as to public affairs in Upper Canada, 30; condemns Bagot's policy, 151; correspondence with Metcalfe, 160-166, 167, 168-169, 176, 186-187, 209-211; defends Metcalfe in House of Commons, and expresses his views on colonial government, 230-234; his confidential letters to Metcalfe, 230; Sullivan's criticism of his views on responsible government, 244; on Metcalfe's resignation, 265. Mc Restores Hagerman to office, 234; colonial secretary, 236; discusses post office, 236.
   Bib.: Kebbel, Earl of Derby; Dict. Nat. Biog.

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